Picture Perfect Retreat

Working within the given 9′ x 18′ space, we attempted to make the Same Room look like it had More Space.  In order to accomplish this objective, we varied the ceiling height by dropping it 2″ over the vanities; we depressed the shower pan for a curb-less shower so that the floor plane would appear unbroken and level; we did away with the old tub deck – and used a freestanding tub; we added glass partitions on either side of the tub, running from floor to ceiling,  used large scale tile on the perimeter walls for an uninterrupted look and applied wall to wall mirrors to expand the feel of the room. To allow more light into the bath, we used two mahogany pocket doors with frosted glass panels as an entry into the space.

The simplicity of the tile material and the artistic layout helped keep the bathroom calm.  A glossy faux bois tile is featured on the back wall behind the tub – and runs overhead. It serves as a dramatic backdrop to the freestanding tub, and helps to separate the space while making the room POP with excitement.

In order to get the look and feeling of more space from the same size room, we leveraged the benefits of reflected light and clear glass partitions. Opening up the space with unobstructed views helped to maximize the feeling of increased size. At the same time, we created smaller partitions within the larger space – designed around utility.  As you can readily see from the photos, we put an emphasis on luxury and comfort, by providing vanities with adequate storage and function and using creative lighting options for function and beauty.