On the Water’s Edge

Every project has its own unique challenges. This project was no exception to the rule. We were initially approached to do a whole house remodel of a 1969 ranch-style home on a slab foundation, however, during the  pre-construction pricing and design phase, it quickly became clear that it made more sense from a cost perspective to demo a significant portion of the existing structure and start fresh– rather than to try to work with the old slab foundation and existing mechanicals. As we considered our options, we were made aware of the two significant pre-existing boundary violations– violations that would require us to keep the footprint of the new design within the boundaries of the existing house footprint, and to obtain approvals from the Community Board of Directors before proceeding. We were granted permission to demo a portion of the house – but had to keep the existing 2-story garage as a part of the plan moving forward. 

Our clients were also building a home in Norway during this same time period. Their time and attention would be divided between these two projects, and a home in Philadelphia, where they were living while we built. Our long-distance collaborations were concentrated in a handful of meetings when the owners were in the country (and on weekends). We scheduled their time with vendors when they were here in Atlanta, and we engaged in Zoom meetings to keep things moving along. Needless to say, this all occurred during the COVID pandemic — and with transcontinental travel restrictions in place – further complicating the process.