Natural Beauty

Love it or Leave It?  Besides being the title of a popular home-improvement TV show, this is often a real-life question for “empty-nest” couples. This proved to be the case here where the house and yard functioned pretty well over the years, and the interiors were just the way they wanted them – except – they were now contemplating what their future might look like with married children and their spouses, and perhaps a grandchild or two.  After careful consideration, a decision was made to add onto the back of the house. The new addition would cantilever over a lower level patio and would provide them with a larger open-concept kitchen, an  informal dining area, expanded outdoor patio with grille station and pergola. We captured square footage from a former hallway that was  between the old kitchen and dining room to create a walk-in pantry and butler’s pantry. The addition also provided enough space to tuck in a light-infused office for the lady of the house.