Fresh Start

When we got a call from these owners it became evident that this well-worn kitchen was in need of a complete overhaul. The cabinetry was outdated, the appliances non-functional and the family was looking for a Fresh Start with new spaces that would allow them to entertain family and friends with a little more breathing room. 

The original kitchen had two deep and dark walk-up pantry closets with typical hinged doors. Throughout the kitchen, non-functional cabinet doors had been removed, leaving the interiors and contents open to everyone’s view.  

Overall, the lighting fixtures were out-of-date and insufficient for every task at hand.

The goal of this kitchen renovation was to create a stylish new kitchen, one that included a long new island that the family would be able to eat at. Additional storage in the Island would provide much-needed space for kitchen items and provide a space for an under-the-counter microwave drawer. We were careful to situate seating along the side that allowed them all to view a large screen TV in an adjoining family room.

The original pantry closets and refrigerator pocket were demolished as we created one giant niche in which to place two full-height pantry cabinets with pull-outs.  The new counter-depth refrigerator fits in nicely between the pantries without taking up much-needed floor space. 

We removed the wall separating the dining room and the kitchen and replaced it with a tall cased opening. This new opening created a seamless connection between the kitchen and the dining room and provided the “breathing room” that was one of the goals.

A new larger casement window above the sink, along with the addition of recessed can lights and pendants above the island brightened up the whole room.  

By using a softer unifying color palette throughout, the whole space reads as one – and allows the owner to express her love of color through accessories and wall art. 

Professional-grade appliances were part of the original wish list. We were able to find a way to replace the original non-venting range hood with a professional-grade vent hood, so that the owner could engage in some serious cooking in the future.