Preparation for Steam Bending Frames

Step one – Purchase an Earlex Steam unit from Highland Woodworking.

Step two – Build a box out of 3/4″ CDX plywood, interior dimensions 5″ x 5″ x 60″ long.
Two rows of 1/4 wooden dowel rods are inserted thru the box to allow for up to six frames to be steamed at one time. HVAC tape is placed over the holes where the dowel rods are inserted to hold them in place and keep the steam in the box.

After a couple of uses the tape began to pull loose, I screwed a piece of 3/4″ CDX plywood over the HVAC tape on each side of the box, problem solved. It appears the box will hold up thru the steam bending of the 20 or so frames we plan to replace.

Step three – Drill a hole in the bottom of the box to connect the steam unit, drill a hole in the top of the box to insert a thermometer, drill a small hole in the bottom end of the box for water to drain out.

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