Planning and Preparation Give Way to Execution

The plans to pull the motor out of the boat have been in the works for weeks. The mobile engine stand is built and ready to receive the motor, the frame to accept the LVL on which the chain fall will hang is ready for re-assembly. My son-in-law is expected to arrive in exactly one hour to assist in the heavy lifting, and Patricia confirmed the street address and nearest medical facility in the event a call to 911 becomes necessary.
With personal safety at the top of my list as well, I assured her the only real danger we face is dropping the motor through the bottom of the boat which will basically bring this project to an abrupt end. The plan is really quite simple
1. Lay the LVL across the bow of the boat

2. Insert the pocket of the two frames onto the LVL and insert two pre-drilled bolts each side

3. Stand the frame up directly over the motor

4. Hang the 1/2 ton chain fall from the LVL (purchased from Northern Tool and Supply)

5. Lift the motor high enough to clear the transom, approx. 10′

6. Pull the boat forward

7. Lower the motor onto the mobile motor stand

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