Parts Have Arrived

Early November I packed up and sent my carburetor, generator, distributor, and fuel pump to Lakeland Auto Marine in Sandusky,Ohio. They re-built the carburetor, re-wound the generator to 12V, re-built the fuel pump, and changed the distributor from points to electronic ignition. Having family in Toledo, I had planned to make the trip home from Atlanta, and swing by Sandusky to visit Lakeland Auto Marine to pick up my parts in person. I also planned to visit Homestead Hardwood in Vickery, Ohio and haul some lumber home with me.

Itching to get back to working on the boat with the un-seasonally warm weather throughout the month of February, and not being able to find time to make the trip north, I decided to have the parts shipped back to me.

As well, I placed my order for some 3/8″and 1/4″ Mahogany Plywood, 3/8″ Fir plywood, and some White oak for rib replacement. I will be purchasing the solid Mahogany lumber locally.

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