Working with Us

We pride ourselves in exceeding the expectations of the homeowners and architects that we work with.

Our philosophy is simple: We do what we say we are going to do. Values and Integrity are our hallmark. Our estimates are accurate, our allowances are real, our projects are consistently completed on schedule, and our homes are often completed at or under our original budget.

Our reputation is only as good as our last project: therefore, satisfied homeowners are the lifeblood of our company and future work.

Custom Contract Work Only – No Speculative Building

This allows us to devote all of our time and attention to our customers. We will never be in the position to cover losses from prior speculative jobs by using funds from our current projects.

Phillips & Collins Construction Group, Inc operates as a debt-free company.

Cost Plus vs. Lump Sum Contract

The majority of our projects are performed on a Cost Plus a Fee basis. Our Cost Plus a Fee arrangement is 100% open book and we pass on all trade discounts directly to the homeowner.

If a guaranteed contract amount is desired, we are happy to discuss this as well.

No Commingling
of Funds

Job Specific Bank Accounts are opened for each of our projects. Your funds are deposited into and bills are paid from your job specific bank account.

Weekly Reporting

With a Cost Plus a Fee Agreement, once a week you will receive two reports via email;

• A copy of the check register for your Job Specific Bank Account showing all checks written to date and balance remaining

• A Job Cost Summary Report reflecting the Original Budget, Forecast, Incurred Costs, Variance, and Cost to Complete

Strong financial management and weekly reporting ensures that you will never have an end of the job surprise for an unknown cost overrun.


A construction schedule is prepared for each project. The schedule guides timely selections to be made by the homeowner and is used for tracking progress of the project against anticipated completion date.


To ensure the high expectations and quality standards that Phillips|Collins Construction Group, Inc. are known for, we have developed long standing relationships with our major subcontractors. We anticipate and receive a very high level of service in return for prompt payment.