New Workshop

Prior work on the Lyman project took place in one of two small buildings I rented near my Town home for shop space. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which was suitable shop space for woodworking, and boat stuff, at the beginning of 2017 we built a new home, office, and workshop.

While the end result was everything I had planned for, and more, it did put the Lyman restoration on hold for about two years.

While this post is not totally boat related I felt it appropriate to share why the lag in the restoration occurred. Another event that has impacted the Lyman restoration was the sale of our 31′ Ericson Independence sailboat at the beginning of 2019. The sailboat had been our passion, and project since 2010. The sale of this boat also turned the direction of my Lyman project from a fixer upper, to a full blown restoration. As future posts will reveal I am questioning if I am in fact restoring, or building a 1956 18′ Lyman Runabout.

We are now back at it, and I will attempt to keep this blog updated on our progress from the beginning to present day.

The Lyman arrives at her new home on July 16, 2017


The Lyman, a 16′ Steve Redmond designed Whisp sailboat named the Karly Lynn that I built over 30 years ago, and a 1985 Harley¬†Davidson Low Rider were the first to arrive in the new shop.
We love all things vintage.

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